Honda HRV Review

Named the 2016 Green SUV of the year, Honda H-RV has been welcomed with much praise and appreciation. Being a small crossover, its concept was an effort to make a more fuel efficient vehicle that is pocket friendly and good for the environment too. Coming from the front you might confuse it with the 2015 CRV model but it is relatively smaller and more sporty. Seeing that this is the first time Honda if offering a small SUV, it is only fair to say the green sporty car has nailed it.


The sub-compact SUV is a new fever in the automobile industry leading to many companies launching their models everyday. Top on the competition list are Chevrolet Trax and Nissan Juke followed closely by Jeep Renegade, Mazda CX-3 and Fiat 500x.Though they all differ by a few hundreds in price, the concept and the features are pretty much the same.


Exterior and Interior Design

Honda H-RV is based on the tiny Honda Fit but it is an SUV hence the resemblance to CRV. The front grille is fierce with big headlamps but it has a playful body and arched roofline.It is relatively taller than the fit and the big 17 inch alloy wheels add to the height as well as the sporty look.

The interior is pretty comfortable and simple with added noise insulation that gives for a quiet ride. Black plastic adorns the entire car making it easy to clean and simply relaxing.It is noticeable how close the windshield is to the driver and it has a big touch screen on the clean spacious cabin. The sleek steering wheel holds most of the controls including the audio ones so its easy to drive and operate them. The infotainment system includes four speakers and Bluetooth links.

Engine and Efficiency

Honda H-RV has great fuel economy of 31mpg well balanced with its speed and acceleration.It carries a 1.8l inline-4 cylinder engine that gives 141 horsepower and 127lb-ft.This is paired either with a six-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission.an all wheel drive option is available but front drive option is more fuel efficient and quiet.

Safety Features


Honda values safety above all else and this is no different in the new HRV. It has vehicle stability assist with traction control, anti-lock braking system and brake assist. A multi angle rear view camera is in place and day time running lights for those foggy days.


The Honda HRV is available in three trim levels; LX,EX and EX-Depending on which trim you prefer, the price starts at $19,995 to $21,000 which is a bit pricy than Honda Fit but way cheaper than the CRV. Honda HRV may not be as fast as the big SUVs but it sure is strong and smooth.